Life After Weight Loss – Can You Maintain Your Weight Loss?

Congratulations on losing weight and reaching your goal! But the question is: Can you maintain your weight loss? Can you maintain the weight you lost? Let’s see if you can sustain your newfound weight.

You are not alone if you are feeling a little disoriented. We’ve heard from numerous men who’ve reached their target weights that it can seem a little bit like being abruptly thrown adrift.

Those practices that helped you lose weight are suddenly useless, and you may find yourself thinking, “I’ve lost weight — now what?!

The following actions can help you maintain your weight loss

Maintaining your weight loss is the next phase. You’ve worked really hard to lose weight and improve your health; now is the time to ensure that you never revert to your previous state.

If you thought losing weight was difficult, wait until you see what’s next. Unfortunately, maintaining your weight reduction can be challenging and can feel quite different from aggressively attempting to reduce weight.

However, you are strong and capable of adapting to your new way of life, just as you did to the good behaviors that enabled you to lose weight.

Therefore, how precisely do you keep your weight loss?

keep the pounds off…just don’t eat them all at once.

Avoid reverting to previous habits.

Don’t assume that just because you’re a couple of stone lighter, you’re out of the woods. While it is acceptable to reward yourself with takeout or two, one of the worst things you can do after losing weight is to instantly revert to your former eating habits.

While you may look back on your previous eating habits with rose-colored glasses, keep in mind that this is how you ended up in the position of needing to lose weight in the first place.

Proceed cautiously

You must ascertain what your body requires to maintain a healthy weight. Increase your calorie intake gradually till your weight stabilizes.

This does need you to continue tracking your food intake and weighing in weekly, but what’re another few weeks after you’ve been working toward your weight loss goals for so long?

Avoid becoming discouraged.

If you’ve been fantasizing about giving your MyFitnessPal account as a sacrifice to the weight loss gods and torching your kitchen scales, pause. You will be able to relax slightly in due course, but for now, focus on seeing it through to the end while determining what your body requires.

Slowing down is an excellent method to set yourself up and maintain your weight loss successfully, as you’ll gain a better understanding of what your body requires.

Maintain contact with your support network

Who aided you in your weight loss efforts? Maintain contact with them. They’ll understand how hard you worked to get where you are, and if you believe it will be beneficial, inform them that you still require their assistance in maintaining your weight reduction.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want them to be brutally honest and alert you when your good habits begin to slide, or whether you simply want them to act as a sounding board.

Why not provide your support to your friends who are also on a weight-loss journey? Nobody is a better candidate to serve as a mentor than someone who has been there and done that.

Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to stay active by volunteering to accompany them on walks or exercise sessions.

Periodically check-in

The longer you maintain your weight loss, the more enticing it may be to relapse into unhealthy habits.

We’re not suggesting you become a saint because Ben & Jerry’s and sharing-size packs of chips exist, but it’s all too easy for the unusual indulgence to become routine. Before you realize it, the weight will begin to creep on and you’ll find yourself right back where you started.

Therefore, check-in on a regular basis. Weigh yourself to determine your progress, and if the number is somewhat higher than you’d like it to be, keep a close eye on your diet and activity level for a couple of weeks.

…but you do not have to submit to the scales.

Maintain your Weight Loss and Stay Healthy From Every Perspective

While some people think that self-weighing is a beneficial tool for maintaining their weight loss, others may find that it leads to compulsive behaviors or encourages them to continue dropping weight when it is unhealthy to do so.

You may even decide that after so much time spent stressing over the number on the scales, you’d rather not weigh yourself, which is also acceptable.

Consider how you feel and how your clothes fit. If you’re feeling sluggish or your jeans are becoming too tight, it’s important to refocus on healthy behaviors.

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