Can Astaxanthin Reduce Wrinkles & Age Spots In As Little As 6 Weeks?

A brief primer on astaxanthin: Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant found in microalgae; when fish (salmon, shrimp, crab, etc.) consume this alga, the astaxanthin gives them their peachy color. It’s a free-radical-fighting powerhouse that has been clinically proven to increase skin hydration, elasticity, texture, and — here’s the kicker — fine lines and age spots.

Simply take a look at this exhaustive review of astaxanthin’s benefits for skin health: The data summary summarizes numerous astaxanthin clinical research studies on the effects of astaxanthin on skin health. * For instance, in a randomized controlled trial involving 46 healthy female participants, researchers discovered that those who took astaxanthin capsules for six weeks had significantly reduced wrinkle parameters when compared to those who took a placebo pill.

Another randomized controlled trial found that after 16 weeks, participants who took astaxanthin supplements had fewer wrinkles than the control group.* Finally, when 30 healthy females took astaxanthin capsules and applied a topical astaxanthin solution for eight weeks, their age spots shrank in size; they also reported increased skin elasticity and improved skin texture.*

Without getting bogged down in scientific jargon, we have a pretty good idea of the astaxanthin benefits timeline thanks to collective research on this remarkable phytonutrient. Six to sixteen weeks appears to be the optimal time frame for wrinkle reduction; eight weeks appears to be the magic number for age spot fading.* Of course, because we are all unique, our results and personalized timelines for this or any botanical bioactive may vary, but the body of research on astaxanthin is substantial.

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