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What to do When your Weight Loss Goals are Stuck?

Trying to lose weight and your scales aren’t moving?! It’s so disheartening when it doesn’t feel like all of your hard work is paying off and the number on the scales just won’t go down.

However, we can’t stress enough that just because the scales aren’t moving, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t shedding kilos! The scales aren’t full proof!

Super Coach Melissa Timmer, who has lost 37kg on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, has revealed what she does when her scales don’t move and how she accelerates results.

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TOP TIPS! What to do if you want to accelerate your results when the scales don’t move!
Good old scales can be a love-hate relationship!

As we first start a weight loss journey we can tend to weigh ourselves every day, you might even notice the scales fluctuate every day and this can be water retention, too much salt intake, stress, hormones, or lack of sleep.

Try and do better with these options to reduce the scales moving so much. Another myth that everyone thinks is that muscle weighs more than fat, NOT TRUE, muscle weighs the same except its leaner. So as you’re exercising the scales may not be changing because your are probably building lean muscle, but your body shape is changing and your clothes are fitting better.

TIP: don’t weigh yourself every day!

How to accelerate results = your overall results are not what the number on your scales say. You should always remember that your results are a lot of factors combined. Your overall body fat percentage, your lean body muscle mass, your fitness level, and the stamina to keep going are the primary connecting aspects here.

Strength, feeling better within yourself. Try getting a 3D body scan done from your local supplement store, this will give you a breakdown of everything in your body. If you’re doing this it needs to be done every 4, 8, or 12 weeks at the same time of day. As women, our hormones are just all over the place so if you’re not accurate with your timing it could affect your overall score/results.

Although there can be some other factors in why the numbers aren’t moving and if you are concerned you should always see your doctor and maybe get your blood done.

Other options to focus on are:

– Checking your BMR
– Tracking your calories and stop guessing
– Increasing or decreasing your activity level
– Changing up your macros, carbs, fat, the protein it’s always good to shock the body

Focus on making good choices and healthy movements, try challenging yourself with your workouts, have a fitness goal, get inspired by other fitness trainers, or focus more on prepping your meals. If you have a weak point throughout the day, focus on doing better and then reward yourself at the end so you have something to look forward to.

There might be a meal plan you have been curious about, try something new and give your body 6 weeks to see what works.

It’s all trial and error but if you’re truthful to yourself then that’s all you can do. Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our expectations and just remember that we are human and these things don’t happen overnight. Good things take time.

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