How the Discipline of Walking Regularly Can Prolong Your Life

Walking is a great low-impact exercise that most people can do.

Researchers say an extra 1,000 steps per day can extend life. The Epidemiology and Prevention Lifestyle and Metabolic Health Conference found that each additional 1,000 steps participants took reduced all-cause mortality by 28%. Most people can jog or run 1,000 steps, which is equivalent to a quarter to half-mile at a leisurely pace. That’s about two or three miles, according to the study, but the main goal should be to add 1,000 extra steps to your daily routine.

What Are the Health Benefits of walking regularly?

Walking has numerous health benefits. • It improves lower body strength and balance and reduces fall risk by providing light to moderate cardio exercise.

There is no need to take 1000 steps all at once. The study found benefits for both long and short walks. Adding 1,000 steps throughout the day, even if it’s just getting up once an hour to walk for a few minutes, can help.

Ways to Get More Steps Per Day

Adding a few extra steps here and there can quickly add up to 1,000. For example, parking further away from the store can add a few steps. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another simple way to add steps.

The authors suggest pacing a few steps every hour, gardening, cleaning the house, and walking in place while watching TV. The benefits are present even if you don’t sweat—easy, small changes can give you just as much of a boost over time.

If you are unsure of your daily step count, consider using your phone, an app, or a fitness tracker. So you can see what 1,000 extra steps look like for you.


Researchers recently discovered that short breaks in walking can boost health benefits. Intervals of 30 seconds at a faster pace followed by a slower recovery pace can increase heart rate and provide additional cardio benefits. This sudden change in pace can strengthen the heart and lower blood pressure. Make your walk more intense by adding three to five faster intervals.

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